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For CAMAM woodworking has no secrets. Since its foundation in 1969, CAMAM has focused on research, innovation and technological avant-garde in order to offer the market machines that are always in line with the most up-to-date processing requirements.

Excellence in components, processes, products and services to offer targeted solutions that perfectly integrate with any production line.


// Services

Solutions and design
All our working centers are designed using the most modern and sophisticated 3D simulation systems, in order to offer our clients customised solutions that are suitable for every need.
Mechanical components machining
Thanks to a rigorous problem solving logic we can guarantee the highest quality in design and manufacture of every single mechanical component.
Electrical systems design and wiring
Both design and wiring of electrical systems are entrusted to the companies of our group, thus guaranteeing 100% in-house production.
Software and automation
The rigorous development of customised software and automations makes our machinery suitable to carry out precise and high-quality processings.
Machinery assembly
The in-house machines assembly service guarantees the customer the delivery of a finished product, ready to be installed directly on site.
Internal testing
The internal testing is the decisive phase that certifies the perfect functioning of the machining centre, this is why all tests are carried out in the presence of the customer.
Customer installation and training
Once the installation of the machine is completed, a team of highly qualified technicians takes care of the training of customer’s staff, who is properly instructed on the operation of the machines.
After-sales assistance / service
Thanks to the telematic connection present on all our machines, we can remotely detect in real time possible system irregularities and promptly intervene.

// News

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