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CAMAM is the company of Comec Group dedicated to the design and development of a wide range of solutions for large and small companies: the machinery and production lines for the entire process made by CAMAM are always the result of a careful study of customers’ woodworking needs.

A planning that always contemplates all the steps of the production cycle in which each machine will be inserted, in order to obtain specific solutions that integrate perfectly with any production line to maximize the company’s profitability.

CAMAM boasts a modern industrial organization in which a team of experts works and carefully follows every phase of product development and realization.

The company has a dense commercial network present all over the world, thanks to which it can also guarantee a qualified technical assistance service.

Thanks to the deep know-how gained working at the service of the chair district, CAMAM offers a complete range of solutions for the entire woodworking cycle. The entirely in-house production of machinery allows the highest degree of customization, to meet the production needs of companies of any size.


CAMAM operates with the aim of anticipating the market in order to offer reliable, high performance and durable woodworking machinery to its customers. Thanks to an in-depth analysis of the production context where each machine will be inserted, CAMAM ensures the development of specific solutions that are always perfectly integrated with any production line, to guarantee the achievement of the highest production performances.


The history of CAMAM begins in Manzano in 1969, when the company was just a workshop for the repair and construction of woodworking machinery, located in the heart of the chair district, a universally recognized production excellence.

With the aim to support production needs and the development of local companies, with which it works in close synergy, CAMAM expands its offer with machinery that, year after year, will be more and more specific, performing and technologically advanced. An evolution that allows the company to enter the foreign market and become a reference brand for chair manufacturers worldwide.

In 2012, COMEC GROUP takes control of CAMAM and gives the company a renewed impulse, favoring the range widening and stimulating important synergies in the development of important projects. That allows CAMAM to establish itself not only in the production of solutions for chair processing, but also as a manufacturer of custom-designed machinery and systems for cutting, milling, sanding and automatic assembly, designed and manufactured according to the specific needs of the customer.