Description and processes

The automatic bar feeder with NC advancement and the special gripper that adapts to many profiles, allows a fast and precise feeding of the pieces.  The multi-spindle working unit, equipped with independent X-Y-Z-C working axes, automatically performs angular cutting, drilling and milling on the various sides of the profile. The workpiece is accurately positioned and clamped to ensure maximum machining precision.

The machine is designed and optimized to process small to medium sized sections (up to 70x120mm).

A nebulized lubrication system guarantees the correct cooling of the tool.

A convenient automatic belt performs the evacuation of the machined parts which are stored on the unloading belts.

The working area is protected by an integral cabin with large inspection windows.

Easy programming thanks to the NC touch-screen panel and the dedicated software


  •  High quality mechanics
  •  Continuous cycle productivity
  •  Extreme flexibility of use
  •  Fast and precise set-up
  •  One operator for loading/unloading
  •  Efficient cleaning with dust collection and extraction and waste disposal
  •  Simple and intuitive programming with dedicated software
  •  Wide customization of working units
  • Proven technology for industrial use, even on multiple shifts


  • High productivity
  • Adaptability of the machine to complex shaping operations
  • Fast and precise set-up with adjustment from one side of the machine only
  • Solid mechanical structure and high quality components
  • Programming with PLC selectable work cycles   
  • Wide customization
  • Proven technology for industrial use, even on multiple shifts


Other sectors


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