GC1 2F

Description and processes

CONTOURING MILLING MACHINE with 2 milling heads.

The GC1 2F contouring machine is the ideal solution for profiling and shaping panels, seats, backrests and other similar elements.


The rotation of the work table, synchronized with the two spindle moulder milling heads, allows high stock removal machining, ensuring an optimal level of finish.
The working groups operate on one or more interchangeable copying templates, giving shape to the finished elements. The automation system manages the machining speed, slowing down automatically at critical points. The result is a very high quality milling, with total absence of vibrations. The large size tools that can be assembled allow the superimposed machining of several elements for each station, thus multiplying the productivity of the machine.


  •     High productivity   
  •     Adaptability of the machine to complex shaping operations
  •     Fast and accurate set-ups
  •     Solid mechanical structure and high quality components
  •     Wide customization
  •     Proven technology for industrial use, even on multiple shifts


Garden furniture
Other sectors



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