Description and processes

PIT HYDRAULIC CLAMPING MACHINE FOR CHAIR ASSEMBLING with 4 or 5 hydraulic clamping cylinders.

With the SI F 4C and SI F 5C clamps you get the final complete assembly of the chair. Some elements, such as the backrest, must first be pre-assembled on the SI 3L GI clamp.


The frame of this machine is particularly robust to support the stress of the hydraulic clamping system.

The special machining of the guides allows to position cylinders and counterblocks on the entire perimeter of the machine, thus being able to assemble chairs with complex shaping, even of increased size up to 700x700mm.

All clamping elements are adjustable according to the geometry of the chair, thus limiting the use of specific counter-gauges.

The process is facilitated by the ergonomic inclination of the machine.


  •     Heavy-duty frame construction
  •     Hydraulic tightening with high pressure cylinders
  •     Fast and accurate set-ups
  •     Proven technology for industrial use, even on multiple shifts


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