Description and processes

AUTOMATIC STEP BY STEP ASSEMBLY SYSTEM, with automatic elements loaders and automatic glue dosing system.

The ST 1 PP clamp is a high technology hydraulic assembly system for the production of wooden stairs.

The elements are automatically positioned, the glue dosage, the step/step insertion of the step and the final nailing are performed.


Perform all operations automatically is the prerogative of this special machine. A single operator is sufficient to manage the machining cycle, at the end of which we obtain the fully assembled scale.

The robust construction technology guarantees fast, precise and quality movements with a guarantee of repeatability over time.

The automatic glue dosing and nailing system allows the machine productivity performances much higher than traditional assembly methods.   


  •     High productivity
  •     Fast and accurate set-ups   
  •     One operator per loading/unloading
  •     High quality and robust mechanics
  •     Programming with PLC selectable work cycles   
  •     Wide customization
  •     Proven technology for industrial use, even on multiple shifts





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