ST2 3S 2000 CA

Description and processes

AUTOMATIC ASSEMBLY SYSTEM with three stations and high productivity, automatic element loader, automatic glue dosing system and multiple nailing.

The ST2 3S 2000 CA assembly system is a high-tech assembly line, which automatically performs positioning, glue dosing and final assembly operations by means of side pressers, and multiple nailing systems. It is used for the assembly of sofa frames, beds, etc.


High production capacity with operations divided over several synchronised stations.

Nine vertical magazines for loading the elements to be assembled.

Automatically ST2 3S 2000 CA performs fast, precise and quality machining with guaranteed repeatability over time.

The automatic positioning and multiple nailing system allows the machine to perform significantly better than traditional assembly methods.

In addition, this system allows significant manpower savings, as it can be powered by a single operator.

The machine is prepared for robotic feeding and unloading systems.


  • High productivity – about 100 frames/hour
  • Fast and accurate set-ups
  • One operator for loading/unloading
  • Robust, high quality mechanics
  • Programming with PLC-selectable work cycles
  • Extensive customisation
  • Proven technology for industrial use, even over several shifts


Other sectors
Wooden boxes



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