TAC 1 500

Description and processes

ANGULAR CUTTING MACHINE FROM BARS with vertical cutting blade and automatic loader.

TAC 1 500 is the ideal solution for automatic angle cutting from long bars of solid wood, mdf, chipboard, multilayer, etc. elements.   

It finds its optimal use in the processing of elements for chairs, furniture, sofas, packaging, fine arts items, and various applications.


The automatic bar machining and the stepper feed of the loader allow continuous production. The large-diameter circular saw blade allows to process elements even of considerable section, with cutting angle from +60° to -60°.

The special loading system, without pusher but with double self-centering gripper, obtains extremely precise tolerances and clean and accurate cuts, even on elements with delicate surface.


  •     High quality mechanics
  •     Continuous cycle productivity
  •     Fast and accurate set-ups   
  •     One operator per loading/unloading
  •     Efficient cleaning with containment, dust collection and waste removal
  •     Wide customization
  •     Proven technology for industrial use, even on multiple shifts


Garden furniture
Other sectors
Outdoor furniture
Fine arts



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